SIA Konsorts

Finanšu un vadības konsultācijas


Financial consultations:

  • Analysis of investment projects
  • Economic justification of the EU co-financing
  • Development of investment projects financing schemes
  • Attraction of creditors (investors) for project implementation
  • Evaluation of business
  • Development of business plans


  • Identification of innovative projects
  • Development of innovative projects
  • Consultations on innovative projects
  • Economic justification of innovative projects

Public - private partnership:

  • Identification of PPP projects
  • Initial appraisal of possible implementation models of PPP projects
  • Feasibility study of possible implementation models of PPP projects
  • Preparation of procurement documentation within the framework of implementation of PPP projects
  • Ensuring of procurement process
  • Informative seminars, training on implementation possibilities and mechanisms of PPP projects

Legal consultations:

  • Drafting of civil agreements
  • Preparation of administrative part of public procurement and drafting of procurement agreements
  • Consultations on tax law issues
  • Registration of companies, registration of any alterations of the companies with the commercial registration authority

Management consultations:

  • Optimization of business processes
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Developing of organizational-functional management structure
  • Organizing and supervision of tenders
  • Management of investment projects
  • Developing of financial schemes

Strategic planning:

  • Development of a company's mission, goals and strategy
  • Analysis of internal and external environment as well as opportunities and threats
  • Financial and economic justification of development strategy

Macroeconomic researches:

  • Analysis and forecast of development of economy of Latvia
  • Analytical reviews and Latvian national programs

Market and marketing researches:

  • Analytical market reviews
  • Marketing researches
  • Evaluating market positions (competition)
  • Planning of marketing strategies
  • Planning of instruments for implementation of marketing tasks



ISO 9001

In 2005 Quality certificate
ISO 9001 was awarded to “Konsorts”

SIA "Konsorts"
2nd floor, Olīvu street 9, Riga, LV 1004
phone: +371 29494787

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